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Welcome to the Admiralty: Napoleon Wiki

This wiki is about Admiralty: Napoleon a new naval combat game developed by Redthorn Studios.

What is Admiralty: Napoleon?

Admiralty: Napoleon is like I mentioned above a new Naval warfare game developed by Redthorn Studios as there first game. The game is being developed as a 1st & 3rd-person fps with combat mechanics you’d find familiar in games like the Mount & Blade franchise and War of the Roses.

"set in the pre-Trafalgar Napoleonic Wars (Around 1804/1805). During gameplay you could experience anything from the shattering force of a full broadside, to the cutting-out of a troublesome fort overlooking a vulnerable harbour, right up to the command of a ship of the line crewed by other players from all across the world. We want to bring you the age of sail at it’s most realistic (or at the very least at it’s most enjoyable!)." - Redthorn Studios

Redthorn Studios have also stated that they will put a lot of effort into cosmetics (Hats,Clothing etc) and customization of your character they are currently considering an unlock system so players can unlock these items. But they also stated that the game wont use microtransactions for any of the unlockables.

The game is being developed using the Unity 4 Game Engine.

The game currently have no set release date.

You can read a little more detailed description of the game here.

Planned Features & Factions


  • "Naval Warfare"
  • 1st and 3rd person view.
  • In deepth customization system.
  • Advanced melee system Inspired by the Mount & Blade games.


"Currently planning Britain as the first faction, with France following sometime after. Spain is planned before the final release, but won't be added until late in development, in all likelihood." - Blobmania

Latest activity

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